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Top Reasons Cemeteries in Pulaski, TN Recommend Pre-Planning Funeral Service

Pulaski, TN Cemeteries

When the topic of death arises, many people feel uncomfortable with the conversation. Thinking about our own mortality can create feelings of anxiety and upset. But acknowledging that it will one day happen to all of us can help you to recognize the importance of preplanning your own funeral and burial in one of the beautiful local cemeteries in Pulaski, TN.

Here are several of the top reasons you should choose to pre-plan:

  1. Cost Savings

It turns out, most funeral planning happens after a death has occurred. At the point of need, the emotions can cloud good judgment when purchasing funeral services and merchandise. This alone can increase the cost of your funeral. If your affairs are not in order, such as having an advance funeral plan in place, then your family is at the mercy of their best guess about what you would have wanted. They may overspend to avoid getting it wrong.

You can also save money through preplanning by documenting and making your family aware of any death benefits that could help to pay for your funeral costs. Depending on your eligibility, Social Security, Veterans Administration, personal life insurance, community & church support, etc. may contribute to your departing costs.

  2. Prepayment

Preplanning a funeral can also lock in a fixed price for funeral services long before you need them. Of course, you’ll need to prepay for services in today’s dollars, but this allows you to avoid future inflation and rising funeral service costs.

Prepayment is not always the right course of action, but there are situations where it may make sense. For example, if you need to spend down your financial assets to qualify for Medicaid, pre-purchasing funeral care can be a helpful option. Just make sure the funeral care provider and cemeteries in Pulaski, TN are viable businesses that will continue serving the community.

  3. Minimize Burden

When you finally go, your family and friends will feel the emotional pain of your loss. On top of that, if you haven’t established a funeral plan and means of paying for services, they will be impacted by your lack of preparations. Someone else will need to carry the burden of planning and paying for your services, leaving them little time to grieve your loss during the proceedings of your funeral and burial.

When you plan in advance, you give your surviving family a gift of love. The act of planning will minimize the burden of scrambling to find the resources and make their best guesses about what you would have wanted in your final farewell.

  4. Make Your Wants Known

Funeral care and planning for yourself allow you to take control of your arrangements. You can clarify the details of your own service. If wanted, you can decide every fine point down to the type of flowers displayed at the funeral. More importantly, you can specify how you would like your mortal remains to be laid to rest. If you prefer cremation, burial, or donation to science. The details are many. When you make the decisions, your family and friends won’t be left in the dark about what you would have wanted.

Another important benefit of advance funeral planning is the reduction of family discord. Without clarity of your wishes, your children or other loved ones may encounter strong disagreements about what you would have wanted for your funeral and disposition. At a time when they should draw closer for support in their grief, some families find themselves at odds when your wishes are unclear. Give your family the benefit of clarity by documenting your funeral plan.

  5. Peace and Assurance

For personal benefit, pre-planning your own funeral can help you to feel a measure of peace and assurance that you’ve done what you can to ease the transition of your death. You will likely experience feelings of:

  • Awareness of what will occur when you are gone, how and where you will be laid to rest.
  • Reduced anxiety about leaving your family with the burden of planning and paying for your funeral.
  • Comfort that your wishes have been clearly considered and documented.
  • Gratitude that your service choices and funeral care provider have been personally selected by you, at a price that you feel good about.
It’s not uncommon for funeral care professionals to hear comments from families of the deceased indicating their lack of awareness about any plans or resources to handle the funeral now thrust on them to plan and conduct. Such rude awakenings are an insult to the emotional pain and grief they are already suffering.

Funeral Preplanning and Cemeteries in Pulaski, TN

By choosing to plan your funeral care instructions in a quiet consultation long before you pass on, you will eliminate uncertainty, confusion, and added expenses. Your loved one handling the final arrangements will be greatly benefited by your concern.

Giles Memory Gardens owns and operates beautiful cemeteries in Pulaski, TN and provides peace of mind through advanced funeral planning to those who request it. Visit us at 140 Bethel Rd Pulaski, TN 38478. Call us today to get started at (931) 363-0097.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  1. Should I choose burial or cremation?
    • Burial in a casket is the most common method of disposing of remains in the United States, although entombment also occurs. Cremation is increasingly selected because it can be less expensive and allows for the memorial service to be held at a more convenient time in the future when relatives and friends can come together. Learn more about cremation services.
  2. What to do if someone dies at home?
    • Step 1: Call for first responders.
    • Step 2: Allow first responders access and space to work.
    • Step 3: Obtain a legal pronouncement of death.
    • Step 4: Arrange for transportation of the body.
    • Step 5: Pause for a moment and take time to process.
    • Step 6: Contact your funeral home.
  3. What is permanent memorialization?
    • A permanent memorial is a place where your family can return for generations to come in order to honor the memory and legacy of your loved ones. You have unlimited options when it comes time to choose this final resting ground, so that you may visit regularly after they're gone. 

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