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Pet Funeral Care and Cemeteries in Lynnville, TN

Lynnville, TN Cemeteries

The death of a beloved animal or pet can be as emotionally difficult as losing any other loved one. In many cases, pet loss can feel even more difficult because grieving the loss of animal life isn’t as socially understood as grieving the loss of human life. This means people who lose a pet, often grieve alone without support. Fortunately, there are pet funeral services and cemeteries in Lynnville, TN can help. If you’ve lost a family member of the animal variety, there are several things you can do to commemorate their life.

Pet Funerals and Memorials

For a lot of people, pets are simply an addition to the family. Pets add so much love and interaction in the family dynamic, and many people couldn’t see the pet as anything other than family. It follows then, that their death should be treated with the respect and memory of any other human family member. Here are several ways that people choose to love and honor their fallen pets:

  • Pet Burial at Home – Many families find comfort in laying their pets to rest in a quiet place on their own property. A corner of the backyard, a flower bed, or a garden plot. They may add a monument of some kind, such as a headstone, statuette, or a marker. If you choose this burial option, be sure to dig the earth deep enough to avoid health and sanitation issues. Before home burial of your pet, check with your local city ordinance to find out if your city allows pets to be buried at home.
  • Pet Burial at a Cemetery – Pet cemeteries are increasingly common in the United States. Families that want a more formal and fixed location to remember a pet will often choose to bury their animal friend in a pet cemetery where they can visit from time to time. The serenity of the setting and the care of the grave in perpetuity by the cemeteries in Lynnville, TN are also appealing to many.
  • Pet Cremation – If a family wishes to keep their pet close, yet not bury them in the backyard, a pet cremation can be a reasonable third option. Families that know they will not remain in a particular home or area long term appreciate the convenience of carrying a cremation urn with their beloved pet’s ashes with them wherever life takes them. Other families still wish to bury the animal’s ashes or scatter them in a special place. Some families choose to use some of the ashes to make custom keepsake jewelry that they can wear, keeping the memory of their pet friend alive.
Losing a favorite pet can cause very real emotional anguish, as well as feelings of loss and emptiness. Friends and family may not fully understand the reality of your grief which can make the death of a pet almost unbearable. One way to cope and help your heart to heal is to create a pet memorial. Something special and meaningful to you and your family.

The activity of creating a memorial can be a way to soothe the ache of your loss, and keep your mind looking toward healing and future well-being. It’s not to help you forget and leave your deceased pet behind, but to remember them in love as you move forward. Once you have completed the memorial of your choosing, you will have something to remind you of your pet and help you to reflect on the happy memories you shared with them.

Basic Disposition Services

If you are a pet owner who loved your animal in life, but you don’t feel the need for funeral or memorial services in death, there are basic services to help you respectfully disposition their remains. Convenience is often key for owners who need to care for their animal in this way.

If it is allowed in your city and neighborhood, the backyard burial maybe the easiest method of laying your pet to rest. But you can always check with your city to find pet crematories who can transport and dispose of the remains. They will come to your home and retrieve your deceased animal and take it from there. You can also check with your veterinarian for pet cremation or disposition. Some humane societies can offer this assistance.

Cemeteries in Lynnville, TN

At Giles Memory Gardens, we understand that losing a pet is a painful part of life. That’s why we help families to find meaningful ways to celebrate and memorialize their animal family members. Whether your pet was a four-legged furry friend, an exotic bird, or a reptile with an attitude, if you’ve loved and lost them, call on us to help. We provide pet memorial services and cemeteries in Lynnville, TN. You’ll find our offices at 140 Bethel Rd Pulaski, TN 38478. Call us to find out how we can serve you at (931) 363-0097.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  1. What is the importance of support groups for those in grief?
    • A grief support group eases the grief process. During periods of intense sadness and loneliness, people often think they're going out of their mind but it's okay to feel a wide array of emotions including guilt or anger that can come up during these hard times. Supporting one another also helps with understanding what others are feeling since no two experiences are exactly alike despite how similar you may appear when experiencing such strong feelings, yourself.
  2. Are you supposed to bring something to a funeral?
    • Show your condolences by bringing a gift to funeral services. Even though it is not required, you will show that their life meant something and appreciation for all they had done in your or someone else's lives with this simple gesture of kindness. Learn more about funeral etiquette.
  3. Do veterans get free headstones?
    • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) furnishes upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a government headstone or marker for the unmarked grave of any deceased eligible veteran in any cemetery around the world, regardless of their date of death. Learn more about veteran's headstones

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