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Cemeteries in Lawrenceburg, TN: How to Choose the Right Burial Plot

Lawrenceburg, TN Cemeteries

Part of funeral planning often includes the need to choose a cemetery plot. Because of the permanence of the decision, some people feel uncertain how to go about selecting a plot that will be right for them. After all, your family and grandchildren may return to this place from time to time. If you’re considering cemeteries in Lawrenceburg, TN for final burial, here are some thoughts to consider as you decide on a final resting place:

Price: Cemeteries charge fees to help pay for costs associated with burial and ongoing maintenance of the grounds. Fees are charged to pay for burial permit, vault, and labor & equipment to open and close the grave plot. Price is also affected by what you buy. If you buy a single plot, it will likely be less expensive than a side-by-side plot or a double depth plot.

Where a plot is located within the cemetery can also affect the price. More desirable areas cost more than others. When you choose to buy can also impact price, since purchasing today will usually be less expensive than in the future. Take time to consider what you need or want, and purchase accordingly.

Funeral Home Connections: If a funeral care provider is affiliated with a particular cemetery, they often discount the cost of a burial plot –if you utilize their funeral home for services. If financial limitations are a consideration, ask the funeral home about discount options they can provide in connection with cemeteries in Lawrenceburg, TN.

Location: A cemetery is subject to the changes of time and community needs. If future-proofing the quality of your burial plot is important, take time to consider the possible changes that could occur over the next century. For example, if your community growing, then burial grounds will need to expand. If your plot is at the edge of the existing grounds, it could someday be well into the interior.

It’s also a good idea to consider future development around the cemetery. Community needs change, and land can be purposed for different things. Although you can’t be certain what changes may occur in the decades to come, try to consider whether the changes will be favorable to your chosen resting place or not.

Internment Type: Depending on whether you decide on earth burial or cremation will change the options for burial. Many cemeteries provide options for both types. You can choose burial below ground, above ground in a mausoleum, internment in a columbarium niche (for ashes), scattering of ashes in a cemetery garden, burial of an urn with a memorial, etc. If you know how you would like to be laid to rest, make sure the cemetery can accommodate your preferred internment type

Cemetery Regulations: Cemeteries often operate under their own established rules. You should evaluate these rules and decide if they are appropriate for your needs. For example, they may restrict headstone size and material, visiting hours, burial requirements, flower, and décor requirements, etc. Some cemeteries may even leave the upkeep of the gravesite to you. Be sure you read and evaluate the rules before purchasing a plot in a cemetery.

Family Plot: Many families appreciate the option to be laid to rest in proximity to their family across generations. If you would like a tract of ground to be used as a family plot, consider how much land is needed. How many generations forward would you want this benefit to extend? How many plots would you want to own in the family name?

Military Affiliations: Federal cemeteries reserve the honor of burial in their grounds for those that meet the criterion of service to the nation. If you or your loved one are veterans of the armed forces, you can contact the Veteran’s Department for information about this option.

Religious Cemeteries: If you are connected with a particular religious group, sometimes there are beautiful cemeteries maintained for followers of the faith. If burial among a group of fellow believers is important to you, check with your faith leader or a qualified funeral care provider for information about a plot on their cemetery grounds. There are also larger cemeteries maintained by religious organizations that are open to the general public. You can also explore this option if it interests you.

Transfers or Sellbacks: Life changes occur all the time. If for some reason you change your mind after purchasing a grave plot, some cemetery organizations are willing to buy back the ground. Others will allow you to transfer plot ownership to a different location in the grounds. You may also be able to sell plots to a third party if the organization approves. Check on these details before you make a permanent purchase.

Cemeteries in Lawrenceburg, TN

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